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UCITS Hedge Funds

Alternative UCITS - A Hedge Fund Alternative

For years, hedge funds have been used by European investors to protect wealth and generate alpha-enabled market returns. These tightly held funds provide investors with diversification, active management, and exposure to asset classes that may otherwise be inaccessible. In recent years, however, the tide has been turning as investor inflows have surged into another fund class – UCITS hedge funds. During the last six years, investment inflows to UCITS hedge funds has been 17 times that seen within traditional hedge funds. Why are investors making the move, and how do alternative UCITS funds compare to their traditional hedge fund peers?


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Liquidity, the control over assets, and the wide-spread availability of these funds have been the biggest contributors to UCITS hedge funds success. Sure, alternative UCITS funds provide slightly lower levels of leveraging and asset class exposure – but we see more and more investors who are drawn to the liquidity options and low cost structure provided by UCITS hedge funds. Just as individual investors have been drawn to this emerging fund class, professional investors cite the same reasons for their increased focus on developing alternative UCITS funds. “For us, as an asset manager, a UCITS fund represents an ideal product. It provides investors with an easy-to-understand, transparent, daily-valued product with an attractive earnings/risk ratio. Investors can choose either the PAM Alpha Fund (Long/Short S&P 500®) or the PAM Long Only Fund (Long/Cash S&P 500®)). Both UCITS hedge funds are anti-cyclists (using a contrarian approach) and can help diversify an investment portfolio,” says René Sapper, Managing Director at Alternativ Invest Finance.




At the core of any investment, is the balance between risk and reward. Do these cheaper, more liquid, UCITS hedge funds provide lower returns than their competitors in the traditional hedge fund space? Research by HFR indicates that performance has been on par, or even better, for UCITS hedge funds when compared to traditional hedge funds since 2013. When you consider the cost difference between alternative UCITS funds and traditional hedge funds, it is hard to see the benefit investors are receiving from the higher cost structure charged in the traditional space. Highlighting this performance are funds like the PAM Alpha Fund, which was awarded the prestigious Best Alternative Investment from GELD MAGAZIN in 2016. This fund has returned an impressive 288.7% since inception and proves that UCITS hedge funds can truly excel in today’s challenging market conditions.




Given daily liquidity, transparency, strict regulations, and attractive earning/risk ratio, UCITS hedge funds score many points against the traditional hedge funds. To learn more, check our Alternative UCITS Funds.


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